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What kind of music should you have at your wedding?

Written by weddingfables 06 Dec 2019
The question has been popped, the answer has been given and now the planning is well and truly on. As you start to plan your wedding day, thoughts turn to the evening reception and with that, the entertainment. Wedding bands can be costly, but the price can vary massively from act to act. Let’s take a look at some options.…

5 Beautiful Entry Songs for the BRIDE

Written by weddingfables 23 Jun 2016
It's your D-Day and you are set to wow family and friends as the stunning bride that you are. But do you have the right song to make that impressive entry as the bride when you walk slowly but steadily with million emotions in your heart? The one OMG moment of your life when you say " this is it,…

Top 5 Trends in Wedding Music

Written by 02 Jan 2015
By Jubin Nautiyal Music is constantly changing and evolving throughout the year, so it’s hard to accurately predict what is going to be HOT in the New Year. I have still tried to pull together what I foresee will have the most impact on your wedding day. A wedding is an interlude inked in hearts forever.It brings along mixed feelings…
Celebrity DJ and King of remixing, DJ khushi, gives out the ten best tracks that are being played this season at weddings. Shake a leg with your beloved and loved family members on these peppy numbers. Here's his list: Bollywood: 1. Baby doll- Ragini MMS 2 2. London thumakda- Queen 3. Party all night- Boss 4. Agal bagal- Phata Poster…