Viet:nom comes to Cyberhub, Delhi

Written by Arati Thapa 14 Jul 2019
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 I have always loved Vietnamese food for its raw flavour, simplicity and a humbleness to it that is mostly found in Asian cuisines. The fact that the dishes are not over burdened with spices makes it very tempting to me. When Viet:nom Cyberhub invited me to celebrate its launch with an event that appreciated "women empowerment" I wasn't going to say no to it. A group of women journalists, some who have been brave enough to venture into start-ups, some who have been writing in their respective magazines and newspapers got together on a beautiful Tuesday evening I knew it was going to be an evening that I wasn't going to forget in a hurry. Being a Tuesday and knowing Delhi's obsession of not eating non-veg on this particular day I expected the restaurant to be partially occupied with diners, imagine my surprise when I found it buzzing and packed to the brim while we looked for a place to take pictures for our social media handles.

The evening was the conception of Rupai Dean, an accomplished food writer  (it was also hosted by her) and well known chef Vaibhav Bhargava who were sent on a mission by restaurateur Manish Sharma to the towns and alleys of Vietnam for an extensive research and study of the cuisine. Looking forward to the evening- it began with a master class by Chef Vaibhav showing us the making of fresh vegetable cold summer rolls, later on we had a blast trying to make the same as we grouped together into four teams. Below among the pictures you will find a plate of our team effort, alas we weren't the winning team.

We all got our glasses of drinks with the remarkable menu with our names written on it and placed on beautiful glasses. Soon after there were dishes after dishes that included clear chicken soups that was slurped by all, piping hot dim sums, crispy tofu, fresh salad, chicken la lot, home made pho and good looking tasty deserts. If you love Asian cuisine, I strongly recommend its authenticity, the chefs eye for fresh ingredients, sourced locally or otherwise and the finickiness to the details while presenting the dishes. This is a place to celebrate your loved special occasions, especially if you are newly married and looking to dine out at a new place, trust me it's also a good place to get both the in-laws together for a dinner that will dominate the evening chat. That the dishes rest lightly on your stomach is another great reason of course.

Our team made this fresh vegetable cold summer roll

The drinks were customised to suit our personality


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