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Written by weddingfables 28 Feb 2019
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With a slew of weddings slated till the extreme end of June the 33k crore Indian wedding market is as vibrant as its wedding trousseau. And the new trends emerging out of the colourful potlis are being lapped up by the wedding market. zeroed in on the catering trends this year and spoke to the ever innovating and passionate Chef Om of Krisa Catering Company to give you a glimpse of what exactly is trending this year so that you are geared up for your wedding cuisine. Chef Om is also the owner and founder of the extremely popular The Pasta Bowl restaurant that serves lip smacking Italian food.

Having done several luxurious catering for Indian weddings, Chef Om sees these emerging trends that could save a lot on wastage of food, provide a variety of delicious options, give value for money to the client and allow the caterer huge opportunity to showcase his culinary expertise. So what are the trends?

Smaller helpings/bite size food – This gives the host a lot of food options that he can serve to his guests rather than a typical menu. The host gets value for his money and the caterer gets an opportunity to showcase his unique gastronomic offerings. This also reduces a lot of food wastage.

Exposure to new cuisine in India – People are well travelled in India and are exposed to a variety of food. This year you will see Korean, Vietnamese cuisine and authentic Mongolian Grills. Beautiful spreads of these international varieties- now that is absolutely exciting right?

Food Presentation/ Décor – Presentation is going to be huge this season. It’s a huge task to present a dish that looks not just stunning but tastes super delicious to hundreds of wedding guest that could go into thousands as well. But it is happening and Krisa Catering Company is doing it. The best part is, the company works with the clients to do customized dishes. All you need to do is get in touch with them for their signature presentation and exclusive ideas for your special event to know their secret.

Kids Menu – Kids these days are being exposed to a lot of different food, and they should try different cuisines from an early age. Krisa designs special kids menu for social and corporate events so that kids can have fun while they attend events with their parents. For sure,you won't be seeing moms running after their kids to finish their plate of food with Krisa Catering Company's amazing kid menu!

Seasonal Cuisine – Eat seasonal eat fresh. A lot of people have starting asking for seasonal preparation with seasonal produce which is fresh and healthy. At Krisa Catering Company they pride in using local and international healthy seasonal produce and ingredients for a better life. Eat healthy think better.

To know more about the menus Contact Krisa Catering Company or Chef Om at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also follow the instagram handle to know more about what new is happening at their active and vibrant kitchen


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