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Written by weddingfables 26 Jan 2019
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Every year the trends in wedding catering change and with the change more and more chefs are making it a point to serve the best that they can create and cook. Food is one of the most essential part of a wedding and caterers are beginning to understand the need of the guests who are well-traveled and looking for an experience. Chef Om Nayak is an award winning Chef, restaurateur and a true culinary explorer who feels that gone are the days when guests at the wedding looked forward to eating the usual fare. "The bride and groom today are well traveled and want to serve varieties of world cuisine that they are familiar with and thus make it a point that the same variety of cuisine be served to their guests which then becomes the talk of the town for days to come. They want to give an unforgettable experience to their friends and family," he says.

Experimenting and innovating with cutting edge technique is the key element in any of Chef Om's ventures. He started his entrepreneurial journey with Chef Om’s Hospitality in 2009, where he consults for various successful hospitality businesses and has a flair for creating successful ventures all across India, Mid-East, UK and Hong Kong. A young dynamic Chef Om conceptualised The Pasta Bowl Company in 2013 which was the next step in his culinary journey - establishing an authentic and distinguished food enterprise. He specially chose to focus and experiment with Sicilian cuisine as he feels it’s more suited and likable to the Indian palate. Today the restaurant located at Cross Point Mall in Gurugram is filled with young and the old who love eating out with families and friends.  With more than 19 years in the hospitality industry in Indian and overseas hotels, clubs and restaurants he has now started Krisa Catering Company,  that focus on weddings and luxury destination weddings leaving no stones unturned to procure the produce domestically or internationally. Under him is a team of seasoned experts who can delve into food from around the world, working 24 hours to make sure the guests get an amazing culinary experience. Trust us, your guests will be talking for months about the culinary experience this passionate Chef Om will give in the beautiful presentation and taste having catered innumerable weddings.

Chef Om Nayak of The Pasta Bowl and Krisa Catering Company



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