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Written by weddingfables 16 Aug 2017
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Silver never goes out of fashion just like gold and diamonds. At wedding ceremonies it’s a preferred metal during pujas and rituals. It also make an excellent gift.

Anahata is an Indian Silver filigree luxury brand in its millennia-old tradition of finest handcrafted gold and silver metalwork. Filigree is a skill of very high degree intricate culling out of elegant geometric and venial motifs with finely drawn and twisted metal. Typically Indian art this saw patronage of Nizams of Hyderabad in pre-independent era. Gradually this art is now needing fresh patronage with just about 100 devoujt artisans left in Telangana who struggle to keep both ends meet and preserve the family art.

It's an intricate work of art that involves dedicated hard work by hands. Every item of filigree work is wholly handcrafted by two or three family artists, sometimes even more depending upon the complexity of design and the size of the article. The artists first draw the pure silver into gossamer-thin filaments and then cut and fuse these fine filaments into exotic matrices of trellis work melded into 2D and 3D designs and shapes through hours of meticulous and painstaking handiwork. It is both an art and craft of a very high order calling for long hours of undivided attention.

Filigree is exquisite Lace Metal Technique, wherein The framework is formed by twisting the silver wires in combination, which are then deftly soldered together to the surface of the same metal. Thin strips of fine silver are then made into zig-zag patterns, which are then looped to create the jali” effect, which renders the artefactsits unique charm.

You can make beautiful clutches fit for a bridal wedding trousseau, photo frames, jewellery boxes, sindoor, bangle boxes, beautiful memory stands, platters  and boxes to accompany your wedding Invitations, The Wedding Setup also has beautiful five products in the form of different musical instruments, that makes incredible gifts or decor items.

The lady behind Anahata Creations is Ragini Grandhi who has passionately taken up the revival of this traditional art work of filigree creating stunning products in 92.5 Sterling Silver.

Keep your silverware bright and shining

  • Regular light wiping with a soft dry cloth
  • In case of tarnish, cleaning to be done only by professionals
  • Refrain from using household cleaning products
  • Avoid wrapping or storing the products in printed paper
  • Avoid storing in damp and cool places
  • Cling wrap the article for long term storage









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