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Stores and Websites

Under The Silk Tree

Written by weddingfables 22 Sep 2017
There's a new place to go for your festive shopping if hand-woven fabrics are your love. Designer and founder Darshan Dhupia launched her first ever flagship store The Silk Tree at the fashionable Shahpurjat market showcasing her two collections - Sona Rupa and Atdlas with wine and cheese soiree. Hosted by Darshan and Gurmehar Dhupia, the launch was attended by…

2Divine- a gift paradise

Written by 19 May 2014
Giving and receiving gifts is an indispensable custom in all weddings. It is a symbol of your love and best wishes for the bride, groom and their families. Wedding Fables introduces you to 2Divine, a luxury brand that can fulfill all your gifting needs in one go. Interiors, jewellery, apparel, packaging and gifting solutions-2Divine has it all! The luxury fashion…