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Written by site-editor 12 Oct 2016
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When the reclusive Adarsh Gill gives a peek into her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection at her house decked with silver furniture it's no good to say no to the viewing. The designer who made her mark in Europe and US in the eighties presented her collection that shined with traditional embroidery which has been her trademark.

The collection, apt for festive and the upcoming wedding season chose to speak a loom story from the Indian history of Varanasi - a place known for colour, heritage and spirituality. It was all about a stylish women that can turn the traditional into a contemporary.

There were jackets richly embroidered that could be worn with saris and dresses, there was the velvet mixed with leather and there was the sexy bustiers when teamed with a sari can turn it into a gown.

Flowing dresses with fitted jackets, haute tops and short skirts with coats, silk brocade skirts and tops with appliqué detailing, and gossamer lace with lame chiffons they are all there in the collection. This is a collection that will set the topic of design and haute couture if you choose to wear it.

Here's what else she launched also at the sneak peek at her fabulous residence.

The Defiance Collection - semi formal style statement and makes the Adarsh Gill signature designs more desirable to fashionable girls, at affordable prices. It's a collection for the experimental young who are confident to step out in a brocade jacket worn over boots or a little black dress coupled with a velvet cape.

The Adarsh Gill Homes - It will recreate the palatial look for your home. From Queen Anne chairs to sharp art deco sofas, from vintage thrones to four-poster beds, all available in vintage silver.

For gracious homemakers the vases, platters, silver service and artifacts are a not to miss element of this story of grandeur. So Gill and so rich.

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