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Earrings are enough to jazz up any outfit! You don't need any additional accessories if you just don the right pair. Here are some traditional yet contemporary pairs we think you'd love!

Mystical Ruby by Angaara

Written by 08 Oct 2014
Love is what the colour red signifies and there is no gemstone more strikingly red than the Ruby. Adorn the prettiest gem as Angaaraa unveils The Mystical Ruby collection, a fine range of scintillating diamond and ruby jewellery that illustrates a marvellous mix of glitz, finesse and charm. This mesmerizing ruby collection comprises of beautiful earrings, satouirs and bracelets crafted…

Chic modern range by Velvetcase

Written by 05 Oct 2014
The festive season is just another excuse to splurge on jewellery and accessories. Inara by Velvetcase is an exquisite range of jewellery by designer Bambi Mathur, who has created stylish pieces for today's fashion conscious women. Inara is a blend of diamonds and coloured gemstones which makes it a perfect adornment for this festive season. The collection has a wide…

Temple collection by Dillano

Written by 30 Sep 2014
This festive season, the jewellery brand Dillano presented a new range called the Temple collection featuring traditional designs and a spiritual element. Once it used to be the luxury of queens and aristocrats is now a fashion statement for rich and affluent women. Temple Jewellery is a typical Indian art form which devotionally connects us from our ancient roots. The …
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