Style yourself at The Arvind Store with their Kunal Anil Tanna special collection

Written by Arati Thapa 12 May 2016
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The collaboration between The Arvind Store (TAS) and young designer Kunal Anil Tanna has resulted in these beautiful menswear ensembles for weddings. Kunal has used signature luxurious fabrics from Arvind  to design a part of the contemporary summer collection which are being retailed in the flagship stores of the brand.  Kunal's designs are classic, minimalistic, chic and sharp. They are meticulous texturing and have exquisite detailing which makes it a must-have for a would-be bridegroom. Besides his colours too are traditional. The designer has used the rich fabrics from Arvind consisting of rich linens and jacquards in ivories, beiges and blues converting it into an almost three dimensional texture and deployed across precise, casual tailoring, all with a covetable twist.

 The collection for The Arvind Store has 15 looks and is inspired by Earthy Indian structures and play of fabric to enhance the look. Minimalistic geography is the highlight of the collection.

  Go visit the Arvind Store outlet to try out the designer looks by booking an appointment. The brand aims to democratize fashion for its customers with this offer.

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