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Written by Arati Thapa 15 Mar 2016
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Yes, we have left behind the wedding season but summer weddings are not really uncommon in India. Season change is the most challenging factor to set up a great wedding. Everything from food, venue, décor and most specially wedding fashion has to be a perfect fit to suit the season. Heavy embellishments are replaced by light and comfy fabrics and silhouettes.

(LtoR) Atisha Pratap Singh, Designer Madhu Jain with Smt. Manek Gandhi and Tikka Shatrujit Singh with Rajkumari Ratna Singh

To get ready for a summer wedding head towards Madhu Jain’s new collection which is a combination of Indian and Uzbek textiles and their distinctive weaving traditions to create new textiles, high on quality and design. Madhu Jain, a designer known over the years for promoting indigenous forms of textiles weaving and design, unveiled her vibrant new collection of Spring Summer collection. The collection introduced her new Uzbek inspired Ikats, alongside a retrospective of her signature Andhra Pradesh and Odisha Ikat styles infused with the Buddhist Mandala design inputs from the textiles traditions of Thailand.

(LtoR) Saif Habibullah with Shahila Habibullah, Designer Poonam Bhagat with Abha Daya and Animal-Rights Activist Ambika Shukla with Sonam Dubal

 “Seeing the unifying threads in the traditional weaves of two different regions is something that enthuses and challenges me. I then set about seeing how I can amalgamate the beauty in each to produce a totally new weave that nonetheless stays true to the distinctiveness of the individual cultures. In Andhra, for instance, Ikat fabric is produced on pit looms, and semi-circular frames are used in the preparation of warp and weft. The design sensibility leans towards geometrical. In Odisha, on the other hand, Ikat is inspired by temple motifs and also by nature. So, you will notice parrots, flowers, elephants, and deer. And also, Navagunjara, an animal that is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu, and which you will find incorporated in Odisha’s traditional Pattachitra paintings. I took both sets of elements and combined them to come up with contemporary weaves that remain rooted in the traditional forms,”  said the well-known designer about her collection.

(LtoR) Preeti Kuchaman with Josefina Young, Herbert Traxl with wife Shovana Narayan and Fashion Designer Ashima Singh

Highly regarded as a handlooms specialist whose life quest is revitalising and reinvigorating dying crafts, Madhu has impacted the sector by giving it a fresh lease of life. She has worked with various government and NGOs in development, design, and marketing of indigenous textiles and crafts

The pretty Atisha Pratap Singh, daughter of the beautiful Neelam Rudy makes for a stunning face of Madhu Jain’s Spring-Summer line. Madhu’s collection can be viewed at Ogaan, Haus Khas Village.

(LtoR) Ruchi Malhotra Makhni, Jewellery Designer Alpana Gujral with Neelam Pratap Rudy and Bubble Sabharwal
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