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Written by Sankalp Gupta 18 Dec 2016
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I never say no to a chance to have a good facial, especially if it’s a world renowned brand and you are assured of the product. I mean who says no right? You need it in this city that is polluted with zillions of  micro-scopic particles that sits like an unwanted leech on your face, clinging and emptying away your hydra and leaving the skin scorched and parched.

At my very recent Skeyndor experiential I came away impressed with their phone like gadget that tested my skin for its parchment, laughter lines, pigmentation and oiliness giving me an insight into what was not just on the surface of my skin but under it as well.  On the basis of the test done by the beautiful Priyanka Tyagi, Head of Training- Skeyndor,  I was suggested the treatment of Power C+ one of its powerful brightening Anti-Oxidant products for treatment that would provide the food that my skin needed desperately. The beauty products has its origin in Spain and is available at all topmost salons all over India.

Super excited me was whisked  into the treatment room filled with little beautiful jars of creams and lotions that would have been the result of years of R&D. The beauty therapist began to explain the process of the facial while beginning with the routine cleansing.  The cleaning was followed by a tapping and soothing of the skin on my face. Next a swipe of cool cream was put on my face followed with a face massage that made me almost fall asleep.

I was left alone for five minutes until I realized it being wiped off with soft napkin. Few minutes later I could feel the plastic spatula spreading what felt like a thick cream over my face including my eyes. My eyes felt heavy. The therapist asked me if I would like to cover my lips too, "you will be breathing through the nose," she said. I shook my head vehemently imagining my face covered and looking like a mummy and feeling a bit clausterphobic.

Ten minutes later the therapist peeled it off the rubbery mask from my face and I could feel an instant freshness to my face. My skin seemed to be breathing sans the grime and dust off my face. It fest extremely clean. It felt poreless, I felt instant decrease of laughter lines, I felt my skin singing and laughing.

So what were the creams that were layered on my face and what was it's role?

The Skeyndor Power C+ is a powerful brightening anti oxidant. The vitamin C is encapsulated for a longer period. It also helps in the skin by stimulating metabolism for the formation of collagen that is good for sagging skin.

It had active ingredients such as the below

  • 3% Vitamin C derivative, 3% pomegranate HG extract.
  • With SPF15 protection in the formula for normal to dry skins.
  • It is available in two different textures according to the skin type:
  • Normal to dry skins: rich texture
  • Mixed to greasy skins: lighter, non-oily texture.


The experiential took place at the surprisingly beautiful Geetanjali Salon in Connought Place that gave you the feel of relaxed pub rather than a salon.

Price : Power C+ Energizing Cream _ INR 2690

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