Four Nights at the Organic and Luxurious Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Written by weddingfables 10 Nov 2019
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The Spectacles of Experience; "Through them you will see clearly a Second Time “

Wedding planner Tejveen Kaur of Tzires Bespoke Weddings comes back impressed with the offer Soneva Fushi has for Indian weddings

My second time experience to Maldives was absolutely breath-taking and luxuriously healthy. The First time I visited Maldives three years back, I was in awe of this place, but my second visit, made me completely FALL IN LOVE with Maldives ! In today’s crazy times, when we all are running out of time, where we believe we don’t have time to indulge in our favourite things, because we don’t make an effort to take that time off. Our now a day’s free time means, scrolling down Facebook, Instagram etc and more concerned with what the world is doing .
Soneva Fushi, was absolutely an eye opener for all of us, as to how to enjoy an ORGANIC LUXURIOUS LIFE without WIFI! My four days at this awe-inspiring property was absolutely overwhelming. We were a group of seven, all part of the Delhi wedding fraternity, travelling together to experience this splendid property, hosted by the Soneva Fushi. This extravagant trip was organized by Arati Thapa, Founder of Wedding Fables in association with Atika Gupta of Brands we love.

To begin my four-day journey of grandiose, as we landed the Maldives airport, we were warmly welcomed by the Soneva team and directed to their booth for few formalities. Further we were taken to their lounge, pampered with the refreshments, before we boarded the sea plane. At every step, we experienced warmth, comfort and were absolutely looking forward
to our splendid days.

Airport ride to the Soneva Fushi lounge

Before we could step on the white sands of Soneva Fushi, we were requested to remove our shoes and walk barefoot.  As rightly quoted ...” Take only Memories , leave only FOOTPRINTS”. A perfect start to our healthy days ahead. The positive vibes were absolutely blooming . We were welcomed by Resort Manager, assistant manager and further escorted to our villas. We were allotted two villas, three bedrooms and two bedrooms. These are Family Villas, with a swimming pool, direct access to the beach, working space, covered patio, open patio, walking closet, jacuzzi and hot tub. From a wedding needs perspective, the space was absolutely perfect, spacious and comfortable.

Our Villa

Breakfast with a view
My four days were filled with surprises and enchanting experiences. Starting from the culinary delights, each of their restaurants, whether it’s Out of the Blue, Fresh Garden or Shades of Green, had its USP with flavourful and luscious food. Secondly, was our extravagant and mind blowing experience at the sand bank, where we witnessed the most effervescent sunset, pristine view and dazzling set up. A perfect place to host social events, whether it’s youngsters, bachelorette, pre / post wedding functions or special celebrations like (40 th birthday/25 th anniversary). This space was phenomenal.

The sand bank dinner

Thirdly was my first-time experience for snorkelling . I don’t know how to swim, but if I did snorkelling was truly thanks to our snorkelling guides and marine biologists , Mohan and Aayana respectively who were there to make it REAL for me. This was further made marvellous with a lovely lunch organised at Sonu's  Picnic Spot, where our lunch was barbecued under the sand.  An experience which was flabbergasting yet as real as the blue sea and the white sand.

Sonu's Picnic Spot

Picnic spot was actually the right word to use, cause the place was absolutely so relaxing and soothing to the soul. As a wedding planner, when we have to suggest a place, we look for
properties which are not only extravagant and luxurious, but also emit the feels and vibes of warmth and positivity. It was such an immense pleasure to meet the owner of this big empire who was so grounded and humble Sonu Shivdasani, CEO of Soneva Properties and I think his positive energy is sparkling in the eyes of every person working there! Living on an
island (no matter how gorgeous it is) without family and social life but yet every employee being genuinely happy is highly appreciable.

The wedding planners group

This property was not only par excellence in terms of space, luxury and breath-taking views but also every guest who would visit here would feel luxuriously healthy. When we do destination weddings, we want the guests not only to have the best times during the celebrations with most amazing memories but also with a thought of coming back again to that
property and trust me Soneva will fit perfectly in that thought process!! An option of switching of WIFI at night before you sleep, walking barefoot, drinking fresh water, eating fresh food from their gardens, policy of no wastage of food, last but not the least everything they use is recycled. This property I would with all my pride suggest not only to all my clients for social events, but also to come in for family holidays, pre-wedding photo shoots, as the flexibility and personalisation they offer, would truly make cherished memories!! When I was told on the first day, we have repetitive guests coming in I was amazed, but on the last day I could believe it as I witnessed it. Mr. Friday you were impeccably outstanding!! Soneva Fushi your humble and stupendous hospitality is something I will always talk about. Thank you Wedding Fables and Brand we love for introducing us to this enthralling place. Discovering and experiencing this property has not only been exhilarating from a wedding planner perspective but also being a bonviveur this property has been an epitome of how to live a luxuriously organic and healthy life in today’s times.

Wedding planner and author of this article Tejveen Kaur






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