Unfold your wedding dreams in the beautiful principality of Monaco

Written by weddingfables 02 Sep 2019
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A wedding at the grand principality of Monaco would just not be the best and the gorgeous wedding to remember but it would surely be the talk of the town for years as well. With beautiful natural settings and the iconic hotels ready to lay out the red carpet for the bride, the groom and the guests there are rare locations that can match the grandeur of Monaco. It's the destination to watch out for weddings that will be remembered for years to come.

Be it a grand ceremony with your closed ones or just a special arrangement exclusively for the bride and groom, Monaco is a perfect destination for turning your wedding into the most beautiful moment of your life. Make your vows as special as you and your loved one is, engraving them forever in your hearts and in the memories of your guests. Say Monaco and you will conjure a list of luxurious places and events. The Principality is best known for its grand casinos, opulent hotels, world-class entertainment, luxurious spas, magnificent Grand Prix and the mega yachts: all synonymous with a promise of fun and beautiful adventures! But above all, the Principality of Monaco is located on the extremely picturesque French Riviera. Getting married in Monaco offers you to live your dreams in this gorgeous land of fashion and opulence. From the welcome and farewell parties to the vows and reception via brunches and other relaxing moments, nothing here is left to chance. The Principality makes sure your wedding reflects your traditions, turning your event into the most beautiful moment of your life. It is a perfect destination for a fancy as well as a traditional wedding memoir!

For all the Grooms-to-be and Brides-to-be in the house, choose to make an impactful entry at your wedding in Monaco! Arrive in fashion truly befitting a star in a chopper and land at your wedding venue, as you start the new chapter of your life with your better half. Monacair, a helicopter service between Nice airport in France and Monaco, offers a panoramic helicopter flight that involves flying over the lush countryside or choose to fly over the enchanting blue Mediterranean Sea from thrilling heights. A bird’s eye-view of the sapphire coast is definitely a sight to behold. The landing is no less spectacular – the Monaco heliport is right at the edge of the water.

While you opt to arrive like a star in a chopper, plan a ride to remember for your family and friends! We recommend choosing a convertible sports car and cruising down the roads to Monaco in true French Riviera style. There are three extremely scenic routes between Nice and Monaco. Drive along sea. Another route offers a much more incredible experience as it goes through the historical village of La Turbie and the Eze Pass. Give your family and friends a chance to explore the Principality of Monaco with all its magnificent panoramic views and a glimpse of Prince’s Palaces, Casino de Monte-Carlo and various other museums and attractions. Rest assured the beautiful Principality will never miss a chance to make it a memorable experience for you, your family and friends on your special day.

Want a dramatic entry? You can consider entering by a super luxurious Mega Yacht or a ferry boat. With Monaco’s close ties with the azure Mediterranean Sea, arriving by a yacht or boat is another popular option to enter your wedding in style! Thanks to two deep water marinas located on the either side of the Rock – Port Hercule and Port de Fontvielle. You can enjoy one of the most scenic stretches of the French Riviera while soak in the famous sights of the beautiful bays, coves and picturesque villages dotting the horizon. Make sure not just your wedding but the couple entry is stunning and talked about. Unfold your wedding in Monaco in layers - making every layer unique and unforgettable for guest.

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