Sri Lanka - A Gorgeous place for weddings

Written by weddingfables 18 Jul 2017
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Wedding planner Tejveen Kaur, founder T'Zires comes back refreshed and impressed with the Shangri-la's Hambantota, Resort & Spa

Sri Lanka is an island nation south of Indian in the Indian Ocean. A second visit to this vibrant island, truly, makes us want to come back again and yet again. This was an exclusive trip organised by  for the wedding planners and I was a part of it. This time we had an opportunity to explore South coast of Sri Lanka, an enchanting island called Hambantota as the guests of the newest hotel property there Shangri-la's Hambantota, Resort & Spa.

Our journey from Delhi started, with our very recommended airlines - the Sri Lankan Airlines, who made us reach our destination absolutely DIRECT, what is even more exciting is that 30 kg allowances for a wedding crew is always a treat. We were warmly welcomed by Haleys Tours at the airport, who organised our next five days in Sri Lanka.  Guiding us, assisting us on our currency exchange, mobile- sim purchase etc, Haleys Tours was very patient and very supportive. Just what wedding guests would need, calming and a patient team to assist you with patience and right guidance, Haleys did it all with a smile.

Five and half hour’s journey by road from Colombo Airport to Hambantota, at wee hours was worth it. We reached Shangri-la's Hambantota, Resort & Spa. at 5 am, directly from the Colombo Airport.  We were given the most enduring welcome by Shangri-La. Yummy mini breakfast on our arrival was arranged.  And this mini breakfast continued to be exotic with cheese and fruits and patisserie in our rooms. We were pampered from the very first step. Our three days at the resort were very productively planned.

Beautiful lobby of the resort

We were made to experience, all the restaurants, all the activities, which were a regular feature of this magnificent resort. Each cuisine was very thoughtfully prepared and each flavour had its richness. Two beautiful dinners were organised, where the set up was so magical from a wedding perspective, which just got our eyes rolling. Shangri-la had everything to offer us from a wedding perspective for the guests along with the fact that if any one extends it to a family holiday, it is just a perfect destination to be at. Culinary experience, ambience, vibes, hospitality and luxury, they just have it all.

The artisan village at the Resort makes for a scenic view

A destination I would absolutely suggest for weddings and special celebrations. And an 18 course Golf Course truly makes this resort an awe inspiring resort with a grandeur.  I personally wish to thank Chandima Wickremasinghe, Director Sales, Shangri-La Hambantota, Resort and spa, also one of the most wonderful hosts for having us over and pampering us. It was one of my most memorable trip as a wedding planner. You and your hospitable team truly made our three days outstandingly remarkable and luxurious.

Stunning entrance to the CHI spa.; All of the above three pictures clicked by Manoj Kesharwani

After our wonderful stay at the resort we headed to Colombo where the next two days we experienced at this Colonial looking Hotel - Kingsbury, in the heart of Colombo. It is just the perfect place to be in.   It's a beautiful hotel owned by Haleys Tours  with good food, vibes and hospitality par excellence.

Don't forget to get your fill of the sunset, it's so romantic. Picture courtesy Shangri-Las Hambantota Resort & Spa

From the first day to our last day, our Guide, our travel buddy, Ravindra with his two assistant, were very patient to all our personal wish list and anxieties. Thank you Rowan and his efficient team, (behind the scenes) for taking such good care of us. We just want to be back super soon to work together and do grandeur weddings, and make our clients and their guests feel as special as you made us feel.

Sri Lanka, I felt as a wedding planner, is just perfect destination for a wedding, from the perspective of the family hosting it and guests who are a part of it. It’s an island, which has lots to offer for every age group. Luxury for the charming men, shopping for the elegant and shopaholic women, and absolutely great clubbing streets to de-stress from our mad working life for just EVERYONE. Sri Lanka, this time, you truly pulled our heartstrings.

All three pictures below clicked by Manoj Kesharwani

Poolside view of the evening of Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo.

It's always so much fun to travel in a group, don't you think  so? Clockwise: Weeding planners Deepa Mittal, Kunal Laungani, Nancy Kohli, Rajat Dhingra, Tejveen Kaur, Mansi Dhingra and Mansi Kohli

WeddingFables, thank you very much for organising this grand week for us. Arati Thapa, founder of wedding fables, made us experience all flavours, we need to experience for a wedding from a wedding planner perspective. Meeting the various vendors, in terms of decor, travel logistics, entertainment, all meetings were truly packed in these five days, to make it a super fruitful trip. Thank you once again!!

Author of this article Tejveen Kaur admiring the gorgeous table decor

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