Make your honeymoon luxurious at the White Mountain, Kaudia Estate

Written by Arati Thapa 15 Jun 2019
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When you walk into a setting with pretty mountains staring at you, when the roadway is lined up with plum, apricot, walnut and peach trees with ripened fruits, wait, that's not all, when the setting is so romantic with a stunning villa right in front of you that it would take a Bollywood heroine sacks of control not to burst into a song and dance right away, then know, that you have walked into the beautiful Kaudia Luxury estate and your heart is about to sing a love song.

Trust me I am not kidding, I spent my weekend recently at the Kaudia Estate at their invitation and have come back with freshness and renewed energy to face my pile of work. So Kaudia Estate is located at the Kanatal, to get there you will have to pass Dehradun, Mussoorie, Chamba and Dhanaulti, but the ride is pretty once you reach Dehradun. The three villas nestles in the lap of nature, each of them made in way to give you the comfort of a luxurious home. Each villa comes with three bedrooms, a drawing dining room with bar, kitchen, an attic that is turned into a library, a place for you to do your puja, a beautiful solarium and decks everywhere that gives you 360 degree view of the mountains, in fact you might just end up having breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner at the deck enjoying the fabulous view of the mountains.

The villas are perfect for a family looking to go for a holiday as they can share the different rooms yet be together. It's also a gorgeous place to do your pre-wedding photoshoot. Everywhere you choose to look is natural beauty giving you perfect spots for the shoot. Flowers galore, some that are grown wildly and some curated beautifully with pretty benches nearby for you to sit, adore and pose.

The Kaudia Luxury Estate is also an amazing place for a dream honeymoon. Quiet, peaceful and stunning it gives you the privacy you need away from the town and the hustle and bustle. The evenings are super romantic with a weather that goads you to take a walk together. Head for that quaint Goat Village just below the estate to smell some more fresh trees and flowers. The walk is so beautiful that you wouldn't know the sun is already setting until you actually stop and look at the beauty.

You can also drive down to the Tehri Dam which is the largest in India generating hydro electricity and a stunning engineering marvel. The man-made lake makes a popular place for tourists where one can do boating, jet skiing, paragliding and sightseeing. When it was being made an entire village and its people were shifted to give a new location and its not surprising that you would meet many of the same villagers coming to enjoy the water sports. I did.

Not just the beauty of the place, Kaudia Luxury Estate at the White Mountains will warm your heart with the organic food that it serves. They are mostly from their own big kitchen garden, the green leafy veggies are to die for and each day you can make your request for the local food that will be cooked by the staff under the leadership of Rajendra. What I will remember this beautiful place by is the fact in the absence of the owners or a General Manager, the staff gave us not even an iota of margin for any sort of complaints. They were professional, ready to listen to our requests and go out of the way to get it done. They even sourced a bottle to fill up with organic mountain water, as that is what I prefer to bottled mineral water, when I am in the hills especially, since the Kaudia Estate does not have any plastic bottles and are strongly against using plastics - bottles or bags.



Photographs : Poonam Thapa

The Kaudia Estate is picturesque

The Tehri Dam Lake

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