Romance in the hills

Written by weddingfables 05 Aug 2015
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The wedding celebrations are finally over and you are looking forward to the most cherished moments with your beloved. You are dreaming of spending quiet romantic times in beautiful surroundings and the hills are your preferred choice. So head for the quaint and beautiful The White Peaks- a boutique Himalayan Homestay in Gagar, Uttarakhand to come back with memories that will stay with you forever.

Weddings no matter how wonderful  can most often be quite sapping leading to  moments that are plagued with anxiety  and stress.  Everything needs to be prim and proper for the numerous relatives and friends. There is no time to relax or de-stress when the mind is clouded with thoughts of looking perfectly radiant  on your big-day. Besides there are plans and checklists to make the ceremony go smooth. Even when it is over, the ritualistic honeymoon begins which is the first step towards a brand new life. This is what you are looking forward to because you actually don’t know your partner much, especially in an arranged set up.  The pressure to etch those perfect memories of a honeymoon can itself be a rather daunting task. 

Minimoons  work wonders in such a scenario.They offer  some real time to you and your spouse after all the ceremonies are over and before you actually initiate your regular course of life, together.  A short two or three day escape to a serene, unexplored place that lets you be yourself within a more warm, home-like ambience. It is the perfect place to be in. And to top it, if you are blessed with a tranquil surroundings of a mountain, its absolutely just near-perfect.

Staying at a simple homestay in the lap of the himalayas is also a great idea for your mini-moon. From discovering silver oak forests to soaking in crisp air or waking up to the sight of sun seeping through the towering bountiful mountains,  you can slow down and enjoy the simple  joys of life with your partner.The White Peaks - a boutique Himalayan Homestay serves the purpose beautifully.  

Spend some quaint hours and kindle the love with your beloved in this charming private cottage, perched on a mountain top, offering stunning views of snow capped Himalayan peaks, surrounded by breezy green grasslands. This little home in the hills promises pristine and indulgent time with your spouse.

Get cosy at the fireplace, devour simple home-cooked food (prepared by the loving caretaker Mohan) or curl up on the bed while reading a book together and find each other away from the dissonance of the city life. While the rooms in the cottage are perfect for an intimate stay, the beautiful sun-drenched courtyard promises to embrace you in nature with the scent of mystic flowers, planted in its periphery. Adding to the romance in the air is the sweet aroma of masala chai and pakodas over endless rounds of thoughtful and warm conversations that will help you to know your beloved. Every little laughter, every little silence here will be a memory cherished forever. The scenic environment at The White Peaks seduces you to unwind in each other’s arms for hours and the beauty of the place calmly glides upon you while you spend quality time with each other, gazing at the beauty fringing you.

Away from the hustle and bustle, it is here that you get to experience quiet walks holding each other’s hands or just spend hours bird watching innumerable species. Here at The White Peaks you and your love will be in sync with  nature while being lost in each other.


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