The Golden Tusk gives you a memorable stay

Written by Arati Thapa 01 Jun 2018
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Two excellent experiences marked my stay at The Golden Tusk,Dhela gaon,  Ram Nagar.  If you are a delhite it will be rare that you have not visited Jim Corbett either with your family or friends. So it is with me too, which is precisely the reason when you head for the Corbett, the trip is made, if your experiences are better than before. The Golden Tusk gives you experiences that you will remember for a long time. It begins with their hospitality that is excellent. My every request here was met with a smiling nod and taken care of immediately. 

Safari is a part of the Jim Corbett experience, in fact it is THE experience that one is looking for when you are in Corbett unless you have gone just to chill at the resort. But how good will the safari is depends on the resort staff, the naturalist who accompanies you and makes sure you get the experience. For me this was the third Safari experience in Corbett. The naturalist accompanying us was hell bent on giving us an eye contact with the big cat and he was leaving no stones unturned.  My group opted for the evening slot  which is at 5.30 pm during the summers. The thirsty tigers come out  to quench their thirst and we would be lucky enough to see them we were told.

Armed with the inevitable cap, a scarf and the sunnies I hopped on to the open jeep after giving our i-cards which were given back to us once we filled in the forms at the entrance.  The ride to the jungle was anticipatory and we looked across every movement, listening to every sound with a radar alert that would have shamed the aliens. We drove deeper appreciating peacocks dancing wildly on the road, sambals racing with the jeep and strange looking monkeys until we reached the deepest part  and the exact spot that is coveted by professional nature photographers. Here they  sit silently for hours just to get that perfect shot, just as we saw a couple, both doctors waiting patiently to get their shot. The tiger refused to acknowledge our presence and give us an audience. We decided to return to the resort after waiting patiently for almost two hours. On the way a line of safari jeeps  waited as a tiger had just crossed and we could hear the roar. The most obvious question is "did you see the tiger?" The answer is no for this trip but my devotion to so many paragraphs to safari is to tell you, I may not have seen the tiger but the experience was good simply because we had a naturalist who took us all the way to jungle, the deepest part of it, with information that was just adding to the ride, it wasn't just a round of the jungle.

The second experience

Back at the resort , I was excited to see a beautiful dinner set-up, laid out in the middle of the pool, complete with lanterns, frangipani flowers, fairy lights. The evening was cool and pleasant and it was one of the most memorable experience for me. a smiling butler stood attentively with a smile on his face obliging to our ridiculous demands for pictures for every food served on the table. He made sure he provided the extra light while serving us all the time. The cuisine was Indian as per our request and we were served with the choicest of kebab platters, chicken curry, hot steaming rotis and fragrant biryani. While me and my group had the best fun this is also a very remarkable way to celebrate your anniversary, milestone occasion  or birthday  as it makes for a very memorable experience.

As I walked out of the pool to my resort I looked forward to my spa experience which the resort had lined up for us, of which I will be talking about in my next review with the resort, the facilities, and the lovely suites and luxury tents  it has. All of it in part two



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