6 valuable tips from wedding planners for your upcoming destination wedding

Written by weddingfables 13 Aug 2017
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An international wedding destination sounds fun for everyone, but there’s much more to it than just the fun aspect to it. We all know weddings need mammoth organising skills.  What makes this difficult, is the fact that all the planning ,majorly happens thousands of miles away from the actual wedding destination. From running errands, to getting things in place, a wedding planner has to do so much for an international destination wedding. But we’ve got you covered, Wedding Fables brings to you, a list of things advised by these well known Delhi wedding planners that you should keep in mind. You simply can’t just miss out on these tips.

By Simar Grover

Photograph courtesy- prismlens

  1. WEDDING PLANNER- To not have a wedding planner for an international destination wedding, is to have a wedding without food; it is that important. Planning a destination wedding is pure skill-based job, and requires innate mastery over everything you do. From running errands, finalising themes, nailing tasting sessions to being there all the time to make sure everything runs smoothly, they are the key to  a successful international destination wedding, pertaining to the kind of experience and knowledge that they have about everything from the weather conditions of the destination to the currency rate.
  1. VENUE – This is the most important aspect, for every wedding. At least two pre-wedding visits are a must to be familiarised with the layout of the venue. The venue should be selected on the basis of a certain factors, in the case of an international destination wedding, such as proximity from the airport, in-house facilities such as, Spa and wellness, Children’s play centre, 24 hour service, cuisines available. The hotel or the property should have enough inventory, as per the guests need for different rituals, rooms should have ample space, keeping in mind the luggage in case of Indian weddings. Even stylists, hair dressers and make up artists should be flown down for the convenience of the guests, especially in case the hotel is not well-equipped with a handful of such people, says Nancy Kohli of Rabbaz wedding who has just returned after doing a wedding in Muscat. "The hotel must be such that there should be inventory according to Indian weddings," say Gunjan Bansal who felt that some of the Europeon hotels did not have it.
  1. NUMBER OF GUESTS – Another very important aspect, that also helps in deciding the venue is the number of guests attending the international destination wedding, and the age-group of the immediate family members. One should be aware whether it’s a mixed age group or a concentrated age group. This helps in deciding the type of hotel, type of transportation, cuisine etc, says Tejveen Kaur of T'zires whost last destination wedding organised was in Mauritius recently.
  1. WEATHER – The comfort of the guests, coming from different part of the world is primary and for that, the weather conditions of the international destination should be kept in mind. International destinations with extreme weather conditions should be not in the list as far as possible, since that hampers the comfort and the experience of your guests, if not the guests should be informed about the kind of clothing and other accessories to carry. This advice is echoed jointly by Neeta Raheja of Tzires wedding, Gunjan bansal of L'amore Weddings and Nidhi Chaddha Sharma, wedding décor stylist and planner.
  1. KEEP YOUR GUESTS INFORMED- Consult your wedding planner about the whereabouts of the international destination, the currency, the language, legalities, cuisine, religious undertones and marriage licence requirement. Being prepared will add up to their experience of the wedding, and make it memorable for them, says Gunjan Bansal who recently returned with a successful wedding planned in Italy.
  1. MISCELLANEOUS – Since, it is a new place, and the guests should not feel out of place, necessary arrangements should be made to make them feel comfortable, and so it is always advisable to book whatever mode of transport you’re looking at beforehand and make sure they are comfortable. Most importantly the weather must be such that the guests would enjoy says Nidhi Sharma Chadha

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Make sure you have covered these too

  • Choice of Photographer and Videographer is a very vital decision one needs to take, as these are some of the most precious moments of your life and you would want them to be captured in the best possible way.
  • Choice of Entertainment, is an important one, since this involves keeping in mind the time constraints of the property or the hotel, legalities of the international destination. All such things should be brought to your notice to avoid last minute confusions and cancellations.
  • One recommended tourist attraction should always be a part of the itinerary, so as to give the guests a chance to explore and experience even further.
  • Choice of destination should be such that does not have VISA issues, Visa on arrivals or quick online visas are the most preferred options. Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bali, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE are examples of such international wedding destinations.
  • Hair and make up teams, stylist , if possible should be flown down for the convenience of guests, esp if the Resort or destination chosen is not fully equipped to handle the needs of that many guests . For Indiamweddings this may also include a stylist or sari draper !!  Offsite experiences , such as one Party/Dinner on a Cruise are a great add on  attraction for a Destination wedding.
  • Last but not the least embrace the surroundings and keep the decor and atmosphere as close to what the destination has to offer. You really wouldn't want your guests to fly all the way to Maldives, only to recreate a setting that would better fit in the chateau in Italy. The idea is to let the guests immerse themselves in the luxury of their surroundings, still being true to the destination they are visiting. 
  • Lastly, never forget to inform your guests in and out. Right from helping them wIth the long-distance travel involved with special codes for flights to guiding them through a complete printed itinerary; imparting right information to the guests is priceless.
  • Clockwise: Nancy Kohli of Rabbaz Wedding, Gunjan Bansal of L'amore Weddings, Neeta Raheja luxury wedding consultant, Tejveen Kaur of T'zires Weddings and decorator and wedding stylist Nidhi Sharma Chadha
  • Photographs courtesy: Manoj Kesharwani





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