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The most important thing when you are getting married is the management of the budget allocated for the big happy occasion, no matter how much you want to control it, itseems to always go beyond the allocated budget. The Yes Madam Home Salon Services app was launched to take care of that. It will give you doorstep beauty service at…

Defying Age SENSitively

Written by Arati Thapa 30 Apr 2016
 Wellness and beauty are an integral part and parcel of our lives in contemporary times and today one can find numerous products and regimes that one can choose from. But it is for the first time in India that SENS, an anti-ageing and wellness clinic is bringing together the best of International and Indian practices.Medical practitioners and latest technologies at…

The aroma of bespoke wellness

Written by weddingfables 15 Dec 2015
A fun-filled workshop for bloggers under the guidance of an expert to create bespoke body oil and potpourri that is an absolute must on the wellness quotient, says Poonam Thapa. With the beakers and bottles, it almost resembled a science laboratory, just that the chemicals were replaced by natural and herbal essential oils and the fragrance that wafted around was…
Blush Clinics are offering bridal grooming packages to pamper the brides-to-be from head to toe. Skincare and grooming expert, cosmetic physician Dr. Jamuna Pai has introduced a whole range of treatments that a bride can avail of. The Bridal Rituals at the Blush Clinics is a specialized package for the bride. By harmonizing the body and mind, the Blush Bridal…

Mehak's beautiful Punjabi wedding

"We have known each other since the time I don't even remember and we are complete opposites" says Mehak Sachdeva... Read more

Where Life Rules Everything

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