Beauty101 : Honeymoon essentials

Written by weddingfables 28 Jul 2015
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Beauty101 : Honeymoon essentials Credits and location: Fivelement, Puri Ahimsa

One of the most exciting and exhilarating trips taken by couples is usually on their honeymoon. And while packing a bag for your honeymoon you are confused about what to take with you. What make-up you should carry? What make-up kits you should take with you? And how can you feel sexy when you've been on a crowded, sweaty bus for two days?

Wedding Fables along with make up expert Pooja Goel share the absolute must haves. Read on as we've got the top 3 honeymoon choices covered:

Fun at the Beach

Picture perfect surroundings, exotic sea food and your sweetheart- what else do you need? All we are saying is that a little sunblock won't hurt!

1) Pack your entire collection of sun care protection products, including after-sun items. Sun care products will protect you from getting your skin tan and after sun items to soothe sore skin, hydrate, and help reduce redness.

2) For your eyes you can carry waterproof mascara and eye-liner, else  just carry a eye liner pencil of different colours which you can wears for over 12 hours without smudging, smearing, or caking.

3) Don't bother bringing foundation, though, since you'll have your own relaxed glow from the sun. Instead, pack blush, lip gloss, lipstick and perhaps a shimmer product for nights on the town.

Urban escape

Got lavish, urban escapades and stunningly tall buildings with a surreal view of the city's skyline on your mind? Be sure to check these off:

1) You have to pack a full complement of cosmetics. Which means lipsticks, liners, foundation, powder, concealer, mascara, and eye shadow. Now its your choice which colour you choose for eye shadow or lipsticks.

2) You'll still need to layer sunblock under your foundation if you're going to spend time touring outdoors. So for this you can use foundation with SPF so that you can protect your skin from sunburn.

3)  No matter what your destination, take along some skin care products like deep-conditioning hair treatments and hydrating facial masks, moisturisers for night. They will help you glow your skin.

Mountain must-haves

We know you'll keep each other warm throughout the honeymoon, wink wink. But your skin would need the following!

1) Stuff your bag with moisturising sun block.

2) Lip balms or Vaseline you should carry, as well as rich creams for your face. If your face becomes extremely dry while you're skiing, you can apply a thin coat of Vaseline over the entire surface. Cold air can also dry out your locks, so stash a deep conditioner in your bag to apply and leave in overnight.

3) As for make-up, keep it mountain-side minimal with pale colours and a touch of gloss on the lips. For eye you can use mascara and eye-liners of different colours. 

Super-useful tips for packing your cosmetics and beauty needs

1) You should choose the right backpack so that your essentials should fit perfectly in it.

2) You should carry little bit of make up with you. Carrying compact, conceal, foundation is difficult so you can have BB cream with SPF as it works as a foundation and sunscreen too.  Don’t forget to pack Simple face wipes and a roll-on deodorant so that you can feel as fresh as possible when you get off the plane.

3) You should carry waterproof and long lasting mascara and eye-liner so that when you jump out of ocean or swimming pool it should not melt. And it is better to use mascara and eye-liner at night time.

4) Vaseline is a wonderful thing. Use it as a lip gloss or dab some on your cheekbones for a healthy radiant glow. It can also be used to secure windswept eyebrows, on cracked heels and toes and to soften cuticles.

5) Take your cleanser. If you can carry just a single skin care item from home, go for your cleanser as change in cleansers can abrupt skin's acid balance and results in breakout.

6) For your hair you can carry conditioners and oil so that you can nourish your hair after all day roaming in sun and dust.


So here's all we have, gorgeous reader! We wish you a happy honeymoon and hope you come with a camera full of beautiful pictures. 


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