About Us

If there is one occasion that is celebrated across all cultures in the grandest manner possible, it is the wedding. Weddings are all about family, love, emotions and festivities, above all it is a bond of sharing each other's dreams, aspirations and experiences.

Wedding Fables is an online guide and magazine which celebrates the very spirit and grandeur of weddings. Starting April, 2014, we wish to touch the lives of our readers and establish a bond by sharing  wedding dreams, making it real and the happiest occasion as it should always be.

We invite you to share the common love for festivities and celebration that comes with a wedding. Wedding Fables will cover everything that has to do with the phenomena of weddings. Our special focus will be on newlyweds,newly engaged couples, family and friends of Brides and Grooms, cocktails, receptions, Invitation card, Wedding event management, Shopping, Trousseau Decor, Music and all Wedding-related information. I request you to take a look at the site map which has especially been curated to match the requirement of your big and happy wedding occasion.

It has also been divided into various sections and sub sections for easy and quick navigation. Some of them include Fashion, Jewellery, Beauty, Destinations, Spa and Packages, Gifting ideas,  Rituals etc.

We would love to know what is up with our readers, so write to us. Share with us your concern for organsing this huge event.   You went to a wedding? Share your experience and pictures with us. Is a family member or close friend getting married? Tell us all about it. ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED? Tell us all your plans. Sign up and enter a world of wedding gala in all its glory.

The ever expanding wedding market is often too vast to explore on your own. We at Wedding Fables promise to bring you the very best products, brands and services exclusively for you through advertisements, reviews, first hand coverage of events, and our very own Directory of Professionals, Vendors and Artists that could help our readers plan their special day. We are here “to make your Big Day even bigger”.

Happy weddings! :)

WeddingFables Editor with its fab team